Butterfly Tattoo E-Book

Gorgeous Butterfly tattoos!


Over 40 pages

with over

130 designs!



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  1. Irina says:

    I just had both feet tattooed three days ago. The tootats are a pair of large swallows, maybe four by four inches. I also have both my wrists and hands tattooed, and the pain was NOTHING on the foot tootats. It was four and a half hours of hot, vibrating, scalpel like, digging pain for me. But I sat through it, so obviously it was bearable. But EVERYONE is different, what is painful to one person is nothing to the next . Never wear shoes that rub again after a foot tattoo, so all shoes must fit well, otherwise many touchups in the future. Shoes such a flipflops for at least six weeks after the tattoo, and you must keep you feet and floors VERY clean as foot infections after tootats are very common. Good luck!

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